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Veteran Trucker Tips: Expert Advice on Saving Money and Staying Safe on the Road

Discover invaluable veteran trucker tips from Drew Briggs, a seasoned driver with 27 years of experience in the trucking industry. These expert insights focus on saving money, enhancing safety, and improving life on the road for both new and experienced truckers. As an owner-operator with Giltner hauling reefer, Drew’s top recommendation for fellow truckers is driving at 55 mph for better fuel economy and reduced stress.

Fuel Efficiency: The Veteran Trucker’s Key to Saving Money

For Drew, fuel efficiency is crucial for cost savings in trucking. He shares these veteran trucker tips for maximizing fuel economy:

  • Maintain a steady 55 mph to improve fuel efficiency significantly
  • Avoid “wolfpacks” (groups of trucks traveling closely together) to decrease accident risks and save fuel

Essential Safety Advice from a Veteran Trucker

Safety is paramount in trucking. Drew shares these important veteran trucker tips for staying safe on the road:

  • Keep dashboards clear of decorations that could obstruct views
  • Give ample space to trucks with breakdowns
  • Use appropriate eyewear to manage bright lights and reduce glare
  • Address potential sleep apnea with proper testing and treatment

Choosing the Right Trucking Company: A Veteran’s Perspective

Switching to Giltner Transportation has been Drew’s best career move. He appreciates their responsiveness to drivers’ issues, making his job less stressful and more enjoyable. This veteran trucker tip highlights the importance of working with a company that values its drivers.

Improving Quality of Life for Truckers: Insights from a Veteran

Drew believes trucking companies can enhance drivers’ lives by:

  • Providing better facilities at terminals
  • Equipping lounges with laundry machines, showers, and kitchens

These veteran trucker tips emphasize the importance of comfort and convenience for long-haul drivers.

Prioritizing Health on the Road: A Veteran Trucker’s Advice

Drew emphasizes the importance of maintaining good health with these veteran trucker tips:

  • Get regular sleep studies to check for sleep apnea
  • Use prescribed treatments when necessary
  • Focus on overall well-being for better performance

Concluding Thoughts from a Veteran Trucker

Drew Briggs’s veteran trucker tips provide a holistic approach to thriving in the trucking industry. His advice on efficiency, safety, and health serves as a valuable resource for all truckers, from rookies to seasoned professionals.

Interested in applying these expert veteran trucker tips yourself? Join our team at Giltner and start your journey as a professional trucker. With the right approach and mindset, you can save money, stay safe, and enjoy a fulfilling career on the open road.