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Refrigerated Truckload

For 40 years, Giltner Transportation has been hauling truckloads of time and temperature sensitive product. We have specialized in Produce and expanded into Fresh Meats, Pharmaceutical products and several other commodities that require our Refrigerated Truckload services. With Giltner, you will have our backup temperature control, real-time temperature monitoring, and drop trailer capability.


Fresh produce can spoil easily and requires precise temperature control, humidity monitoring, and on-time delivery. These requirements became the core of operations at Giltner so that we could provide our customers with the best service and keep their end consumers happy. Full truckload produce shipping is at the heart of what Giltner does.

Fresh Meats

Giltner has always hauled fresh meats. However, within the last 5 years, fresh meat shipping has made its way into Giltner's core proficiencies and higher volume levels. Our loads of meat are kept fresh with our remote backup temperature control and real-time monitoring capabilities. Your shipments will be delivered "On time and at the right temperature."


By using our core competencies of temperature and humidity control paired with our consistent on-time delivery, hauling pharmaceuticals in truckload volumes has never been easier. Our trailers are secure, so you never have to worry about your product, and we have insurance options to help match your needs. At Giltner, we guarantee load pickup and delivery.

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