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Behind the Scenes at Giltner Transportation with Joe Marshall

In a recent “Drivers for Drivers” episode, Joe Marshall, Operations Manager at Giltner Transportation, shared valuable trucking operations management insights. After five years at Giltner, Joe recently moved from Load Planner to Operations Manager. This transition brought fresh perspectives to his role in trucking operations management.

Idaho Roots and Trucking Family Legacy

Joe’s roots run deep in Jerome, Idaho. Interestingly, his Giltner connection is a family affair. His father worked at Giltner in the early 2000s. Consequently, this family history adds a personal touch to Joe’s industry commitment.

Navigating from Load Planning to Operations Management

Joe’s career shift highlights trucking operations’ complexity. He compares load planning to solving a puzzle. In contrast, operations management involves a larger, more intricate puzzle. As a result, this change brought new challenges and learning opportunities.

Growing Team Structure in Trucking Operations

Giltner’s driver team boasts nearly 300 professionals. Additionally, new customer service reps and driver managers have joined recently. These new team members have quickly adapted to their trucking operations roles.

Balancing Work and Personal Life in Trucking

Despite trucking’s demands, Joe emphasizes work-life balance. As a father of two, he understands the challenge of balancing work and family. This balance is crucial for many in trucking operations.

Prioritizing Health in Trucking Operations

Joe advocates for physical health to boost job performance. For instance, he takes regular gym breaks to relieve stress and improve focus. These habits are vital for effective trucking operations management.

Tackling Operational Challenges

A major challenge in trucking operations management is handling high email volumes. Therefore, Joe’s team is streamlining communication processes. This focus on efficiency is crucial in today’s competitive trucking landscape.

Emphasizing Safety in Trucking

Safety is paramount in Giltner’s operations. For example, Francis Hamm stresses proper mirror adjustment for drivers. Such small details significantly impact road safety.

Fostering Driver and Team Collaboration

Ken Cox emphasizes clear communication between drivers and the office. He encourages using ELD systems for non-urgent matters. This approach helps streamline operations and prioritize critical issues.

Future of Trucking Operations Management

Giltner continues adapting to industry changes. Joe’s insights offer valuable perspectives on trucking operations management complexities. By focusing on team dynamics and efficiency, Giltner is ready for future challenges.

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