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Navigating Trucking Industry Challenges: Insights from Giltner’s Jeff Dreier

At Giltner Transportation, we’re committed to addressing the obstacles faced by truck drivers. In a recent episode of our Drivers4Drivers series, we gained valuable insights from Jeff Dreier, our head of driver management, on current issues in the trucking sector and how to overcome them.

A Veteran’s Perspective on the Trucking Landscape

Jeff Dreier brings a wealth of experience to his role:

  • 23 years with Giltner Transportation
  • Previous experience as a dump truck driver
  • Unique insights into evolving industry trends

This extensive background allows Jeff to provide practical solutions to the issues drivers face daily.

Tackling Key Obstacles in Trucking

1. Balancing Home Time and Deliveries

One of the primary challenges is ensuring drivers get home on time:

  • Dispatchers work to accommodate drivers’ family commitments
  • Unforeseen delays can impact scheduled home time
  • Giltner strives to balance on-time deliveries with drivers’ personal lives

2. Navigating Adverse Weather Conditions

Weather-related issues require careful management:

  • Strong winds pose significant safety risks, especially for empty trucks
  • Jeff advises prioritizing safety over schedules in dangerous conditions
  • Waiting out severe weather is always the recommended course of action

3. Dealing with Heavy Traffic

Traffic congestion, especially during holidays, presents ongoing difficulties:

  • Increased road users lead to potential delays and stress
  • Jeff emphasizes the importance of patience and avoiding road rage
  • Staying calm in congested conditions is crucial for safety and efficiency

How Giltner Addresses Industry Obstacles

As head of driver management, Jeff plays a crucial role in supporting our team:

  • Assists drivers who encounter problems on the road
  • Works diligently to find solutions and streamline drivers’ jobs
  • Maintains a hands-on approach to ensure smooth fleet operations

Overcoming Trucking Industry Challenges Together

At Giltner Transportation, we believe that addressing sector-wide issues requires a collaborative effort:

  • We value the experience of team members like Jeff Dreier
  • Our focus is on providing robust support systems for our drivers
  • We continuously adapt our strategies to meet evolving industry demands

Are you ready to join a team that proactively tackles trucking industry challenges? Visit our Apply Now page to explore opportunities with Giltner Transportation and be part of a solution-oriented driving community.

Watch the Full Interview with Jeff Dreier Here