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Trucking Cost Per Mile: Essential Factors and Industry Insights

In a recent episode of “Drivers for Drivers,” Ken Cox, Francis Hamm, and Kenny Kuntz from Giltner Transportation discussed crucial aspects of trucking operations, focusing on trucking cost per mile calculations. We encourage viewers to watch the full episode for detailed breakdowns and expert analysis of these important factors.

Truck Driving Championship (TDC)

The hosts enthusiastically highlighted the upcoming Truck Driving Championship, scheduled for May 3rd and 4th in Idaho. They shared several key points about the TDC:

  • Giltner Transportation actively participates as a major contributor to the event.
  • To qualify, drivers must maintain a clean MVR and meet specific safety criteria.
  • The challenging competition includes written tests, pre-trip inspections, and driving courses.
  • Top performers advance to compete against the best drivers at the national level.

Driver Safety and Comfort

Furthermore, the hosts emphasized the critical importance of driver well-being, focusing on two essential areas:

  1. Mattress quality: They stressed the need for a comfortable sleep environment in the truck, which leads to better rest and improved performance on the road.
  2. Eye protection: The experts recommended replacing scratched sunglasses or updating prescription eyewear to ensure better vision and reduce eye strain during long drives.

Proper Trailer Handling

Additionally, the hosts shared a crucial tip about dropping trailers on concrete surfaces rather than asphalt. They recounted an example of a driver who mistakenly dropped a trailer on asphalt, resulting in the landing gear sinking and causing significant damage and expense. This story underscores the importance of proper trailer handling techniques.

Closing Thoughts

To conclude the episode, the hosts offered valuable reminders for all truckers:

  • Always properly clean out trailers at customer facilities to maintain professional standards.
  • Responsibly dispose of waste to protect the environment and company reputation.
  • Consistently communicate with dispatch about any damaged or excess products to ensure smooth operations.

For those eager to learn more about trucking cost per mile calculations and gain other industry insights, we highly recommend watching the full episode. It offers in-depth discussions and expert advice that can benefit both new and experienced drivers alike.

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