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Drivers4Drivers | Episode 45: Merry Christmas!

Giltner Transportation rings in the holiday season with exciting news. In a special Christmas episode, hosts Ken Cox and Francis Hamm unwrap updates about fleet mergers, office consolidations, and expansion plans that are shaping our future in the trucking industry.

Holiday Cheer and Company News

As we approach the festive season, our hosts share their plans:

  • Ken looks forward to a cozy Christmas at home
  • Francis anticipates quality time with family

But the real excitement lies in our company’s latest developments.

Major Changes: Fleet and Office Restructuring

Giltner Transportation has implemented significant changes:

  1. Successfully merged two fleets into one
  2. Consolidated office teams for streamlined operations
  3. Opened new avenues for growth and efficiency

These changes mark a new chapter in our journey towards excellence in the industry.

Expansion and Hiring: Growing Our Giltner Family

Our latest updates include exciting growth plans:

  • Active recruitment of new drivers
  • Opening of a new office in Carthage
  • On-site orientation available for new recruits

We’re not just expanding; we’re creating opportunities for passionate individuals to join our Giltner family.

Safety First: Holiday Reminders

Even amidst exciting company news, safety remains our top priority:

  • Extra caution advised during busy holiday traffic
  • Emphasis on vigilance while driving
  • Specific safety tips shared for a secure holiday season

The Road Ahead: Our Vision for the Future

As we implement these changes, we’re looking ahead to a bright future:

  • Improved efficiency in our operations
  • Enhanced support for our drivers
  • Expanded services for our clients

Our goal is to continue leading the way in the trucking industry, providing top-notch service while prioritizing our team’s well-being.

Join Our Growing Team

As we implement these trucking company updates, we’re looking for dedicated professionals to be part of our journey. Whether you’re an experienced driver or new to the industry, there’s a place for you at Giltner Transportation.

Ready to be part of these exciting trucking company updates? Visit our Apply Now page to explore opportunities and join our team today!

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