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Join Giltner Transportation: Where Drivers Feel Valued

Are you a truck driver looking for a company that treats you like family? Meet Lynda Luukinen, who found her home at Giltner Transportation. Her story might inspire you to make your next career move.

A Lifetime of Trucking Experience

Lynda’s trucking journey began early: “I drove around with my dad as a kid.” This early start led to a diverse career spanning:

  • Reefers
  • Dry vans
  • Flatbeds
  • Step decks

With experience in “a little bit of everything,” Lynda understands what makes a great trucking company. Her versatility is a testament to the diverse opportunities available in the trucking industry, and particularly at Giltner Transportation.

Why Lynda Chose to Join Giltner Transportation

After years of local driving, Lynda decided to return to over-the-road trucking. Her search for the right company led her to Giltner, thanks to:

  1. A friend’s recommendation: “I had a friend who was over here, and he was very happy.”
  2. Ideal running patterns: “I looked at the running pattern, and everything seemed to be a good fit.”

Lynda’s decision to join Giltner wasn’t just based on hearsay. She did her research, looking into the company’s operations and how they aligned with her career goals. This thoughtful approach to choosing an employer is something Giltner encourages in all potential team members.

The Giltner Difference

After four years with Giltner, Lynda’s enthusiasm is clear:

  • Personal recognition: “Everybody knows me.”
  • Valued team member: “You’re not just a number here.”
  • Job satisfaction: “I’m happy.”

These simple statements speak volumes about the company culture at Giltner Transportation. In an industry where drivers can often feel overlooked, Giltner stands out by prioritizing personal connections and driver satisfaction.

Why You Should Join Giltner Transportation

Giltner offers:

  • A supportive community that values each driver
  • Opportunities for drivers with diverse backgrounds
  • Great running patterns for over-the-road truckers
  • A personalized approach to driver management

These benefits aren’t just empty promises. They’re the reality that drivers like Lynda experience every day at Giltner. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to over-the-road trucking, Giltner has a place for you.

Make Your Better Move

Lynda’s experience shows why Giltner Transportation could be the right choice for your trucking career. If you’re ready for a company that respects your experience, values your contributions, and treats you like family, it’s time to join Giltner.

Don’t just take our word for it. Lynda’s journey from local driving to finding her home at Giltner is a testament to the opportunities and support you can expect. Her satisfaction after four years speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to its drivers.

Ready to write your own success story with Giltner Transportation? Take the first step towards a rewarding career where you’re more than just a number.

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