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Giltner Drivers Podcast: Episode 40 Highlights and Updates

The latest episode of the Drivers4Drivers podcast, hosted by Ken Cox, brings a wealth of information and updates for Giltner Transportation’s truck drivers. This milestone 40th episode covers a range of topics from gratitude and safety to company initiatives and driver recognition. Let’s dive into the key highlights:

Gratitude and Holiday Safety Tips

The podcast kicks off with:

  • A heartfelt thank you to veterans for their service
  • Thanksgiving safety tips, including precautions for deep-frying turkeys
  • Emphasis on the importance of family time during the holiday season

Giltner Transportation Company Updates

Ken shares several important updates:

  • Active recruitment for new drivers to join the Giltner family
  • Holiday initiatives, including adopting a family and donating to the Salvation Army
  • New yard practices to improve efficiency and safety in operations

Fostering Community and Supporting Truckers

The episode emphasizes Giltner’s commitment to its drivers:

  • Importance of clear communication between drivers and managers
  • Recognition program for drivers with clean DOT inspections and excellent fuel efficiency
  • Introduction of a Facebook group for networking and information sharing

Future Plans for Trucking Content

As the podcast celebrates its 40th episode, Ken discusses exciting future plans:

  • Creating a platform for drivers to connect and share experiences
  • Plans to record videos with drivers, adding a personal touch to the content
  • Exploring new topics and formats to keep the podcast fresh and informative

Conclusion: Driving Forward Together

The Drivers4Drivers podcast continues to be a valuable resource for Giltner’s truckers, providing timely updates, well-deserved recognition, and a sense of community. Through this platform, Giltner Transportation reaffirms its commitment to supporting its drivers and the broader trucking community.

Whether you’re a seasoned Giltner driver or considering a career in trucking, this podcast offers insights into the company culture and industry trends. Tune in to the next episode for more trucking insights, company updates, and community news!

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